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Stakeholder Engagement

What is it?

  • A way of securing better results, through increased understanding, buy-in and active engagement of stakeholders –  customers, partners, local communities, interest groups, professional colleagues
  • A valuable tool for developing a shared understanding of complex issues
  • A chance for stakeholders to influence the decision-making process
  • An opportunity for organisations to build relationships and trust and reduce or avoid conflict
  • A cost effective way of involving people in order to deliver sustainable solutions

Why do I need help doing it?

  • Planning and delivering stakeholder engagement requires specialist skills and experience 
  • A small amount of advice early on helps avoid costly mistakes and conflict
  • An independent advisor and/or facilitator can play a unique role where there is limited understanding or trust between stakeholders
  • We can help build your own and organisational capacity for engagement whilst advising on a project

What can I expect?

  • Effectiveness. We will harness the right people, good intentions and quality conversations to create the conditions for successful engagement
  • Pragmatism. Whether you are considering one workshop or a year long engagement process, our advice will be tailored to your context
  • Simplicity. No more pointless meetings with no agenda, no action points and no follow through

What do we offer?

  • Designing short to long term stakeholder engagement processes of all kinds
  • Planning and facilitation of workshops, events and meetings
  • Advice and support  on  delivering stakeholder engagement, conflict resolution, consensus building
  • Capacity building and learning support on all aspects of stakeholder engagement work