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Why do I need it?

  • Planning and delivering stakeholder engagement requires a wide range of skills and knowledge – and the lack of those skills can lead to expensive mistakes being made
  • To improve the way that they work in partnership, organisations need to invest in building the capacity of key staff, whether they are working at a strategic or delivery level 
  • You will do consistently good quality engagement work if you can use concepts, tools and knowledge drawn from practice and research, not just rely on your own experience

What can I expect?

  • Rapid, applicable learning. Our use of Accelerated Learning means you will learn quickly and be able to apply your learning immediately
  • Tailored to you. We design learning interventions that fit your organisation, context and needs
  • Range of methods. Small group learning, training courses, mentoring, learning based around real work demands

What do we offer?


What is Accelerated Learning?
Everyone has a preferred learning style; for some it’s reading something in a book, for others it’s being shown how to do it and for many it’s doing it themselves. More often than not it’s a combination and understanding your natural learning style can greatly enhance your ability to absorb new information.

Natural = Easier = Quicker = Accelerated Learning