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Collaboration and Partnership

What is it?

  • A joined up approach – both within and across organisations –  to solving complex problems and achieving long term goals
  • A way to achieve a step change in effectiveness and maximise resources 
  • Greater innovation, creativity and better outcomes  than you can achieve through working alone
  • Building shared understanding, high trust levels and durable relationships
  • Covers a wide range of activity, from light touch collaboration, through to full partnerships

Why do I need help?

  • Collaborative working requires skilful execution, and ‘know how’
  • Professional advice secures early success and ensures you avoid the many pitfalls inherent in this way of working
  • Can require a shift in organisational culture and building new skills and expertise in key staff
  • Professional help brings clarity and impetus to ambiguous or stalled joint projects and partnerships
  • An independent consultant/facilitator can be critical in helping to get new collaborations started,  and to address conflicts in existing initiatives

What can I expect?

  • Expertise. We are well known for our experience and expertise on all aspects of partnership and collaborative working
  • Results. We understand the issues our clients typically face and transformative change can be achieved through practical, often simple, solutions
  • Efficiency. We will help your people avoid the common pitfalls around shared goal setting, communication and consensus
  • Flexible support. Our approach encompasses facilitation, training, advice and partnership ‘health checks’

What do we offer?

  • Advice on getting new collaborations and partnerships off to the best start
  • Strategic advice for organisations seeking to strengthen their corporate approach to partnership working
  • Getting ‘stuck’ collaborative projects and groups back on track
  • Independent brokering and facilitation of sensitive processes and meetings
  • Partnership reviews and ‘health checks’
  • Training on all aspects of partnership and collaboration

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