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“Even very small amounts of advice and support, delivered at the right time and in the right way, can transform processes and get them on track.”

Wetenhall Associates helps clients achieve sustainable social, environmental and economic outcomes, by bridging the critical gap that so often exists between great ideas and effective action. We specialise in providing quality, bespoke services that help clients achieve big impacts with small changes.

‘A sustainable outcome’ isn’t just a zeitgeist sound bite for us – making a genuine difference is what drives us. For Wetenhall Associates, ‘sustainable’ has to mean long lasting, as well as seeking to integrate the best economic, social and environmental outcomes.

The company founder, Lynn Wetenhall, has over 15 years of experience as a senior consultant. Lynn is a founding Director of InterAct Networks, a Dialogue and Engagement Specialist in the Government’s Sciencewise Expert Resource Centre, an approved Local Government Association consultant, and a SOLACE Enterprises Consultant.

Wetenhall Associates works with a small number of well known process consultants, all of whom are senior, experienced practitioners.

“Our focus is always on helping clients to define and achieve outcomes, whether those outcomes are results on the ground or changes in attitudes and behaviours”.